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Specialty Classes
JoJo Starbuck
Privates with JoJo Starbuck
Showtunes on Ice!
Ice Hockey for Figure Skaters
Ice Flow with Elin
Judging Criteria for 6.0 and IJS
Edges with Paul Wylie
Yoga for Figure Skaters

Specialty Classes

Artistry, Power, Elite Jump & Spin  Register Here (Use Dropdown Menu to Select)
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JoJo Starbuck

Skate with an Olympic Legend!  Register Here (Use Dropdown Menu to Select)

Group Clinic (includes both on and off ice)  | $50 | June 27th and 28th

Start with ballet fundamentals of posture, free leg and arm positions, off ice warm-ups, plies,  turns and jumps. Then, lace up your skates and work on the basics of edges, turns and figure 8’s, building tremendous strength and core control in a gentle way.  This benefits all elements of free skating and ice dancing.

45 Minute Off Ice– Focus on posture, balance, stretching free legs, pointing toes, arms, head movements, plies, turns and pre-skating stretching.

45 Minute On Ice– Polish, core support, upper body carriage, free leg stretch into on ice edge exercises, If time allows, create level appropriate combinations of the edge work.

Tuesday June 27th Adult and Ice Dance Clinic

Off ice 6:30-7:15 pm
On Ice 7:35-8:20 pm

Wednesday June 28th Youth Clinic/Skate Pairs

Skating Level-ISI FS 1+ /Pre-pre and above

Off Ice 9:00-9:45 am
On Ice 9:55-10:40 am

Skate Pairs Clinic

Off Ice 1:40-2:20 pm
On Ice 2:30-2:55 pm
One on one sessions 2:55-3:45 pm and beyond

Private Lesson Times with JoJo

Limited Availability—book early  (Note: you must first purchase/book ice from NVO, then pay JoJo for lesson) 
Rate-$45 per 22 mins (half ice session)

Tuesday, June 27th
4:50-5:35 (R3) | 2 slots
5:45-6:30 (R3) | 1 slot at 5:45-6:15 (still purchase entire ice session)
8:30-9:15 | 2 slots

Wednesday, June 28th
10:50-11:35 am (R2) | 2 slots
11:45-12:30 pm (R2) | 2 slots
3:55-4:45 pm (Pairs or 3:55-4:40 R3)
4:50-5:35 pm (R3) | 2 slots
5:45-6:30 pm (R3) | 2 slots

Showtunes on Ice!

Wednesdays, July 12-August 16 | Register Here (Use Dropdown Menu to Select)
Do you like group performances? This class is all about making skating FUN! You will learn the basics of artistic skating, incorporating expression, balance, improvisation, jazz and hip hop movements.  Learn how to skate in precision lines as well as how to skate as a group.  Skaters will put together ensembles and small production routines.

Skaters registered for 3 or more sessions receive a freeShowtunes on Ice” t-shirt.  Weekly on skaters may purchase a t-shirt based on availability.

9:55 -10:40 am | $108 (or $18 per class)

6 week class—Minimum requirements- ISI FS 1 and above/ Pre Free Skate and above

Creative Coaching Staff – Devon Dillon, Beth Duxbury, Sheryl Franks, Michelle Mosher, Amanda Warner

Ice Hockey for Figure Skaters

Brian Fontas | Wednesday, July 19th |  Register Here (Use Dropdown Menu to Select)

1:35-2:20 pm Low
3:00-3:45 pm High

$18 Registered price | $24 Walk on Price
Sticks, pucks and edges! Learn stick handling, shooting and skating skills. Take a break from figure skating for a 45 minute class to see how the other half of the skating world performs on the ice.

Ice Flow with Elin

Elin Schran | Group Session Includes both on and off Ice $25 |  Register Here (Use Dropdown Menu to Select)

Tuesday, August 8th
1:00-2:20 pm Low
2:30-3:45 pm High

Breathe. Stretch. Flow.
IceFlow is a gentle yoga inspired edge class designed specifically for adult skaters of all skill levels from beginner to professional. Connect leaning, twisting and stretching movements with the breath as we flow with each other across the ice to music. Start with an off ice warm up, followed by on ice class

IJS Math and Strategy for Athletes

Elliot Schwartz and Konstantin Kostin | Flyer Register Here (Use Dropdown Menu to Select)

On and off ice clinic $30 | Wednesday, August 16th | 1:50-3:45pm

Off Ice Presentation by Elliot Schwartz
On Ice with Konstantin Kostin

Edges with Paul Wylie

Paul Wylie | Tuesday, August 15th | Paul Wylie Flyer

Low Elite – 1:35PM to 2:20PM
High Elite – 3:00PM to 3:45PM
$18 per skater

Paul is known for his exquisite artistry, sharp and controlled footwork and proven jump and spin technique. This clinic will focus on helping skaters to improve their body positions, spin entries, edges, jump and spin technique and skating performance.

Private Lesson Times with Paul
Limited Availability—book early!

Yoga for Figure Skaters with Anne Wehr

Anne Wehr | July 11th and July 25th at 12:45 | Flyer

Yoga classes specifically designed for figure skaters that include yoga poses/sequences, mental training topics, relaxation, & visualization. A mix of focus, positive self-talk, and goal setting with balance and flexibility will strengthen your skating at any level.