NVO offers an a la carte approach for all levels of figure skating on three ice surfaces, six days per week. That’s over 160 figure skating sessions per week!

All Skaters and their Coaches must register online to be eligible to skate on Summer Skate 2018.

*All sessions are organized by level, so please confirm with your coach that you are eligible for the sessions you will be registering for. Please, refer to Skater Levels and Class Description Sheet.

*We encourage you to book only the ice you are certain you will be using, as there are no refunds. See new cancellation policy below.  You may also schedule your walk-ons each week for the remainder of the summer, beginning Thursday evenings for the following week.

*Please pay close attention to what you have booked, as the program will not alert you if you double book yourself!

New this year: Cancellation policy!!!

Skaters pre-booking up to $999 of ice will receive 5 No Show Session Cancellations

Skaters pre-booking $1,000+ of ice will receive 10 No Show Session Cancellations

No need to call or email.  We will automatically credit your ice card up to the allowed number of No Show Session(s)

Same Day Switches: Unlimited Same Day Switches for all skaters

Instructions to Pre-Book your summer sessions

(1) Read Summer Skate Information and FAQ (link here)

(2) Communicate with your Coach to coordinate your lesson time(s).

If you have immediate questions, please contact us and we will be happy to help.