Summer Skate FAQs

When is the last day I can register?  You can register your Summer Skate Account at any time during the summer, but Ice Session Pre-booking will end on June 18, 2018.  After that date, you only will be able to reserve ice weekly online and pay when you arrive.

Do I have to apply online?  Yes, all applications must be submitted online. The advantage of the online system is that you will know immediately if there is availability on the ice sessions you are booking.

Will you be accepting credit cards this year?  Credit cards will be accepted for online Summer Skate Account Registration and Ice Session Pre-booking only. The Main Office will continue to only accept cash and checks.

How do I know what sessions to sign up for?  All sessions are divided by skating level. Choose your skating level by scrolling on the upper right section of the page “Select Session Type.” Once you get to your skating level, the Session Days and Times will populate. Choose the days, times and dates you would like to skate.

I don’t know my skating level, how do I sign up for ice sessions?  You will need to speak to your coach to determine your level. Note: Your level is determined by the highest freestyle level PASSED, not the level you are working on. If you do not know your level and don’t have a coach, then you should sign up for the No-Test-Sr/ISI Beginner-10FS Sessions.

Can I sign up for a higher level, as long as I’m with my coach on the ice?  No, for the safety of everyone on the ice you must skate at your appropriate level.

Do you allow pairs skaters on your ice? Yes, we allow one pairs team on each of our sessions. Please contact the main office after your registration is complete to let us know which sessions you will be skating. There is also a Pairs Development Program at NVO.

Do I have to register for every session I want to skate in the summer?  Since you are committed to the sessions you sign up for, we recommend that you only sign up for ice that you are scheduled to have lessons with your coach. All other sessions you can choose and pay as you go.

Do I have to complete an application for everyone in my family who skates?  No, you can register as the parent, and then list the individual skaters. When you are booking ice, the program will ask you to choose the skater (participant) for each item.

Can I sign up for sessions after Summer Skate begins? You can reserve a session online on a weekly basis. The schedules will be released on Thursdays for the following week. You will pay for your sessions once you arrive at the rink.

What is an NVO Ice Card?  It is a debit card loaded with 10 or 20 regular sessions ($130/$260). This works out to $13 per session (vs. $18 standard walk-on rate). You can purchase this in the NVO Office.  NVO Office accepts cash or check only. You can use this card for your unregistered ice sessions.

Can I reload my NVO Ice card? Yes, you may reload your NVO Ice Card for a minimum of $130 as many times as you like.

What if I still have money left on my NVO Ice Card at the end of the summer? NVO Ice Cards never expire. You may use the card for NVO Ice at any time.

What if I lose my NVO Ice Card? We have a record of the money that was remaining on your card. We will transfer the money to a new card. Replaced cards are subject to a $25 fee.

Can I switch my sessions?  You can only do Same Day Switching of your Sessions.

Can I cancel my sessions?  You will be allotted 5 no-show cancellations per summer (10 if you pre-book $1000 or more of ice sessions).

How do I cancel a session?  There is no need to cancel ahead of time.  If we see you are a no-show for your session, we will credit your ice card up to 5 times for the summer (or 10 times if you prebook $1000 or more).

Can I register for off-ice and dance classes online as well? Since these programs are not offered by NVO, you will have to register with the individual coaches.