Summer Information and FAQs

Complete Online Registration!

There is a $15 Summer Skate Registration fee. The fee covers an entire family of skaters living at the same address.

There is lots of information to share so please take your time to read through this entire page and check out our Summer Skate FAQs .  We are always available to answer questions.

Book your entire summer online!
*All sessions are organized by level, so please confirm with your coach that you are eligible for the sessions you will be registering for – Please see our Skater Levels and Class Description Sheet.
*We encourage you to book only the ice you are certain you will be using, as there are no refunds or switches (only cancellation credit—see below). You can also reserve your ice each week for the remainder of the summer.

*Please pay close attention to what you have booked, as the program will not alert you if you double book yourself!  Any double bookings will be given cancellation credit only if you cancel prior to the sessions booked.


You can automatically see if there is room for the session(s) you are requesting!

NVO Ice CardNVO ICE Card – A debit card for all your Freestyle Sessions!

NVO Ice Cards can be purchased and/or reloaded by cash or check only for a MINIMUM of $130 or in multiples of $130 ($260, $390, etc.) and have NO EXPIRATION DATE. They can be used for all NVO Freestyle Ice. All cards can be purchased in the NVO Main Office. NVO Main Office does not accept credit cards. Payments must be in cash or check. Click here for NVO Ice Card Form to download and print.

Cancellation credit: You will receive cancellation credit for all sessions canceled PRIOR to your reserved ice. Cancellation credits will be loaded onto your NVO ICE Card. All late cancellations will be forfeited.

How to Cancel
Cancellation must be received PRIOR to your scheduled sessions. You may cancel via our email contact form, in person, or via phone. NVO will credit your NVO Ice Card and send you a confirmation email when this has been completed.  If you do not have a NVO Ice Card, one will be issued to you.

No switches necessary. Just cancel your ice prior to booked session and we will reload your card with a credit to be used on a future session. Ice sessions can be reserved weekly online.

Late arrival
NVO will hold your reserved slot for 5 minutes after session start time. If there is a waiting list, then the next skater will be allowed on the ice, and you will forfeit your session. If there is no waiting list, you may get on the ice for the remainder of the session.

One pairs team is allowed on all sessions, provided skaters are at the appropriate levels for the session. Once you have registered for the session, please contact the Main Office via our email contact form to let us know you are a pairs team.  If there is a session with less than 12 skaters, an additional pairs team will be allowed to walk on the session.

Harnesses are owned exclusively by the Colonial Figure skating club and may only be used by Colonial Figure Skating Club coaches and members.

All skating professionals are welcome to coach during NVO Summer Skate. All Professionals must register prior to coaching on Summer Skate Ice. Professionals Registration