Summer Skating?

summer-beachSummertime gives thoughts of sunshine, barbeques, beaches and vacations. I invite you to think of summer time as the best time to skate!

It’s cool, it’s fun, and gives you time to work on your skating skills. Navigate our site, and you will find lots of opportunities to be cool and skate!

In the summer, Nashoba Valley Olympia turns into a 160-session per week figure skating training facility. Skaters and their coaches travel from all over the northeast to train and learn in a relaxed, fun environment. In addition to figure skating, there are programs in off-ice conditioning, ballet, nutrition, dance, and sports psychology.
Want to learn how to skate? Every Monday evening (except for July 4th), we will offer lessons for the beginner skater. Hockey is more your thing? There are hockey skills sessions on weeknights in August, and Senior league on Sunday and Tuesday evenings.
Just want to come and escape the heat and get some exercise? Join us for Public Skating on Sunday afternoons, and some select days during the week (check our twitter feed).

And when you’re done cooling off at the rink, stroll down to Oscar’s Burritos and Ice cream to enjoy some the best food in Metro West!
Don’t forget to join us on Twitter @nashobaskate, so you can be informed of rink events and pop up public skating sessions!

Stay cool…and don’t bring your skates to the beach.

A New Season of Skating Has Begun at NVO!

Hello Fall, and welcome to the 2015-2106 season of skating!

We are excited to have many new off ice programs that will help you strengthen your body to prevent injury and perfect your skating. A huge welcome to Michael Cook from Integrated Sports Conditioning, the Micheli Center for Injury Prevention, and to Julianna Record from Wachusett Wellness Yoga Studios.  They join Adam Palencia from PTI to help you become a stronger you!

Be sure to check out all the conditioning opportunities at NVO!

All skaters are encouraged to find a program that best suits their needs and schedule. Some programs are open to the non-skater as well. Yoga and Barre, anyone? Come stretch, strengthen, and skate at Nashoba!  We’re glad to have you.

Embrace the Mud at NVO!!

pud puddle at nvo

WHY IS THE PARKING LOT SUCH A MESS?  WHY CAN’T YOU PAVE THE PARKING LOT?  These are the questions that are always asked about our “somewhat” muddy parking area.  We at NVO embrace our mud!  No, not really.  A more serious answer to these questions is that our property is bordered by wetlands, which restricts what we can do with our land.  As per the Massachusetts Wetlands Protection Act Regulations 310 CMR, we are at the threshold of the percentage of impervious material, which means we cannot pave our side lot.

True, that would solve a lot of issue however, in addition to not being allowed to pave the side lot, we are restricted by the Town of Boxborough Wetland Bylaws to alter/fill our land within the wetland buffer zone. Even if this were allowed, the filling of potholes would only last for a few days based on the amount of traffic and amount of moisture in the lot.

Every Fall we try our best to level the parking lot to prepare for the winter. We are experiencing even larger than normal potholes after the heavy snowfall and cold temperatures from last winter.  Thanks for your patience!

We are trying!  We have hired engineers and will be proposing a plan with the Town of Boxborough Conservation Commission this spring and are hoping this process will be complete in time for us to start working on the lot late Summer/early Fall 2015.

In the meantime, we ask our rink visitors, skaters, coaches and guests to follow parking lane rows, and to be aware of the other cars around you. Please do not create your own parking spaces and rows. Please do not block other cars and please do not park in fire lanes.    Thanks!!


From Learning the Business of Skating to Experiencing the Fun of Skating at NVO

It’s March. How are you doing with your New Year’s Resolutions?

Surprisingly, 75% of resolutions will be continued through the entire first week of January, but only 46% make it past six months. The University of Scranton also stated that 39% of people in their twenties will achieve their resolution each year while only 14% of people over 50 years of age will achieve theirs.

I’m in the 14% for now…IMG_0976 (1)It seems funny that my father built Nashoba Valley Olympia in 1967, and I can only count on my fingers and toes the number of times I have skated at the rink. I lived at the other Nashoba. I was a skier, not a skater. Since 2002, I have slowly learned the business of ice skating. The world of figure skating, hockey, liability insurance, and facilities management was a far cry from the high tech world I had been living. I am finally getting to the point I feel proficient in understanding the skating business. But, do I really understand skating?

In 2015 I decided to change all that. There’s a new women’s hockey league at NVO (NEWHL), and they started a Learn to Play Hockey class. I decided to try it. And, I can do this at work! Perfect. Skates, stick, knee pads, elbow pads, chest protector, mouth guard, helmet, cage, jersey, pants, gloves… Now I know why those hockey bags are so large. (And, why we have so many items in lost and found.)

Then it came time to skate. Across the ice. With everything on. It was only then I realized that I should have registered for a Learn to SKATE class before I could learn to PLAY. Not many people can fall just standing on the ice, but I perfected it. The instructor Brian Fontas was incredibly patient and supportive, but I am sure I made a good story among the hockey league ranks. My feet hurt, so I went to Cooke’s and had Paul heat mold my skates to fit my feet. A perfect fix. Then I was hungry. Skating and falling for 90 minutes really builds an appetite. A quick trip for a burrito from Oscar’s out front did the trick. Then I went back to work (probably should have ventured to our showers, but that was too much of a stretch).
Like so many things, it looks so much easier when you watch someone else do it. But I’m learning. Now I know how to stop, which my classmates appreciate. I’m way beyond my comfort zone, and it’s both humbling and fun. Now I can see everything from a different vantage point, which makes me understand skating just a little bit more…

NVO Sign 20152015 brings new focus at NVO as well. We are committed to making your skating experience a safe and fun journey at our facility. Our focus is on you, our customer. We want you to love skating, no matter your age, ability or discipline. We want you to know about all our programs and offerings so you can stretch just a little bit more.

Our new website will help you navigate our offerings and help you understand everything about our facility. This blog will be updated frequently.   We will be tweeting!!

Please join us on Twitter (@NashobaSkate) so you can be informed of rink events, snow closings, and incredibly interesting information.