Whether you are training and conditioning or perfecting your dance moves, we are proud to offer a variety of programs to complement your skating at our facility.

Ballet and Stretch with Gwen Leonard
Body Movement and Characterization with Biana Serbin
Dance Fusion with Christin Caplan
Integrated Sports Conditioning with Micheal Cook
Ping Pong


Ballet and Stretch

Gwen Leonard – Fall 2016 Ballet
ballet and stretchMs. Leonard hails from a breadth of prestigious ballet academies, companies, and teaching experiences. She received a full scholarship at American Ballet Theatre and trained with the most acclaimed ballet teachers in the United States. Ms. Leonard performed throughout the United States and Europe with the Stuttgart Ballet, North Carolina Dance Theater, and Broadway Dance Festival. She has taught ballet classes and seminars at ballet schools, for football teams, (Texas University), and at summer skating clinics.

Ballet.  Ballet is key to the development of any skater. Ballet helps to develop overall strength, muscle control, flexibility, speed, fluidity and graceful /coordination of all movements. Ms. Leonard’s ballet classes are specifically designed for figure skaters, emphasizing alignment, turnout, graceful line, upper body positions, and confidence of movement.

Stretch. Stretching for skaters is absolutely essential. Stretching facilitates proper alignment, higher extensions, greater movement fluidity and helps to prevent injuries. Muscles that work hard can become tight, and overdeveloped if not properly and frequently stretched.

Body Movement and Characterization

bianaBiana Serbin specializes in body movement, character, facial expressions and Ballroom Dance. Biana has had over 20 years of experience with professional Ballroom Dance. Body movement and posture is extremely important with skating along with having the character of the music.

Accomplishments: National Dancesport Champion of Republic Moldova in Formation Division, National Junior and Youth Dancesport Champion of Republic Moldova, 3 times Moldavian representative to USSR National Championships, USSR National medalist in Formation Division, Israeli National Professional Dancesport finalist and Representative to international competitions.

Phone: 603-203-3713 |
Email: Biana Serbin

Dance Fusion

Christin Caplan – Summer 2017 Dan Fusion Workshops
Christin CaplanChristin Caplan holds a BS in Elementary Education and a minor in Dance from Boston University. She trained at the Lexington School of Ballet, Summer Stages Dance, BU, and Dana Hall. She is a company member of Rainbow Tribe’s Embrace Dance Company and Tribe the Dance Company, and a guest dancer with Luminarium Dance Company and the Adagio Dancers. Christin is currently on the dance faculty at BU, MIT, the Lexington School of Ballet, Dancers Workshop, the American Chinese Art Society, and the Boston Public Schools.



Integrated Sports Conditioning

Michael Cook
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ISC-Logo-HeaderAnaerobic Training: designed to emulate the anaerobic demands of the sport. This training will help the athlete to train and utilize the correct energy system necessary for each of their on-ice programs.

Strength Conditioning: designed to create a solid foundation to help assist in the skill acquisition provided by their on-ice lessons.


Ping Pong (yes, Ping Pong)

Learn to play ping pong from the master! – Contact Hongsheng Lui for more classes and more information.

Hongsheng Lui
Lou has been training generations of Ping Pong players for 25 years. Playing professionally since he was 12, Hongsheng has 46 years of Ping Pong experience.

Ping Pong
(aka Table Tennis) is a good mental and physical exercise for different age groups, and the benefit can last a life time. For young players, it can improve their coordination of eyes, hands, and the entire body, and enhance their capabilities for concentration and competition. Ping Pong is fun and safe to play, either indoors or outdoors; It’s also a wonderful game to play among family members and friends, especially during the long, harsh winter.

The class provides new or experienced students with basic knowledge about the sport, as well as rules and regulations for single and double games. All students will learn several basic skills of serving and returning the ball. Students will be divided into three groups most suitable for their skill levels (beginner, intermediate, advanced). They will learn and practice some playing tactics such as driving, pushing, blocking, attacking and looping.